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Come out and show us your vocal talent and work your way to being the best of the best!


Below you will find the rules and regulations for the Sing Your Dream competition.

All contestants must have proof of residence in any of the 14 counties of NEPA.* 


Contestants must be 13 years or older and must have a valid PA ID/DL. Any contestant under 18 must have a parent sign all forms and always accompany contestants during the show process.**

Audition Rounds: The initial auditions will be virtual, and acapella. Video submissions must not be more than 2 minutes in length and in mp4 format. The judges will choose a set number of contestants to appear in Round One based on the video submission. Those contestants will be notified via email no later than December 30, 2023.***

This is a singing competition only. At this time, we will not be able to judge screamers, or rappers. 


No employees of SING YOUR DREAM or its subsidiary companies are eligible to be contestants. No contestant can be family of or romantically linked currently or formerly to any staff of SING YOUR DREAM, its subsidiary companies, or to the judging staff.


Contestants must be available for all shows that they are featured in. 


All songs sung on the live shows must be from a pre-chosen list unless there are original song episodes.Foul language must be kept to a minimum and no glorification of drug use of any kind. No drinking or alcohol use, smoking or vaping is permitted on stage. ****


All contestants must sign a confidentiality agreement. Based on this agreement any contestant can be dismissed if the contract is broken. This is regarding the show and other contestants for as long as the show runs so as not to influence voting above or beyond the normal “vote for me” platforms of fair play. All contestants can only seek votes for themselves and not solicit negative campaigns against the other contestants. This is in the case where personalities conflict, contestants can’t use social media to go after another contestant, the show, or the judges.


No contestant, their families, friends, or acquaintances can speak on behalf of SING YOUR DREAM in person or on social media.


Contestants cannot be under contract to any management or record company. Contestants cannot promote any brand or accept any sponsorship while on the show. 


Transportation, wardrobe, food, and/or hotel expenses when applicable are the sole responsibility of the contestant.


Voting counts for a numerical value of the overall score and voting can only be done by those who follow the show and watch the live performances.


All video performances remain the property of “Sing Your Dream.”


Dress code: 

1-No vulgar words or explicit scenes/artwork on shirts, pants, or shoes. 

2-Music/band tees are acceptable as long as adheres to #1

3-Ripped pants/shirts and all other clothing must be tasteful and not revealing in any way.

4-Undergarments (bras, panties, underwear) must always be covered.  

5-Clothing can not display any corporate logos of any kind; Includes but not limited to sports, automotive, makeup, or clothing themes.


If Sing Your Dream does not get enough auditions the competition will not move forward and no prizes will be awarded.


*Counties of NEPA consist of: Bradford County, Carbon County, Columbia County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Monroe County, Montour County, Northumberland County, Pike County, Schuylkill County, Sullivan County, Susquehanna County, Wayne County, and Wyoming County.

**Anyone under 18 years of age MUST have a parent or guardian with a valid PA DL/ID and birth certificate to enter.

***Everyone that enters will receive a response email from the competition. Those contestants that are moving forward to the live auditions will receive the date that they are to appear for the live audition.

****Song list will be provided to contestants at each stage of the competition. Backing tracks will be provided by Sing Your Dream.


Below you will find what the judges will be assess your performance on.

1) Vocal ability: How the contestant sung the song based on notes and melody

2) Stage presence: The contestants poise and movements on stage pertaining to themselves and the song

3) Song Execution: How they handled their choice of song in regards to remembering lines, rhythm, arrangement

4) Crowd/Camera Interaction: How well the contestant gives of themselves to the crowd and the camera

5) Outfit/stage wear/appearance: How well the contestant presents themselves to the public 

6) Originality of vocal performance: What the contestant does to the song to make it their own

7) Interview: How well the contestant does in the spoken portion of the performance

8) Votes: How many votes each contestant received based on their own social media drive, as well as in house live audience voting


Below you will find the dates for the competition

10/28/23 - Virtual Auditions Open

12/23/23 - Virtual Auditions Close

12/30/23 - Emails go out for Live Audition competitors

Thursday 1/11/24 - Round One Week One
Thursday 1/18/24 - Round One Week Two
Thursday 1/25/24- Round One Week Three
Thursday 2/1/24 - Round OneWeek Four
Thursday 2/8/24 - Round One Week Five
Thursday 2/15/24 - Round One Week Six
Thursday 3/7/24 - Round Two Week One
Thursday 3/14/24 - Round Two Week Two
Thursday 3/21/24 - Round Two Week Three
Thursday 3/28/24 - Judges Save Week
Friday 4/5/24 - Semi Finals Week One
Friday 4/12/24 - Semi Finals Week Two
Friday 4/19/24 - Finals

All dates are subject to change based on the number of contestants that are entered. 

Times will be announced closer to dates of shows.


No competition is complete without prizes. See what our winners will get if they are found to sing their dream on our stage!


$1,000 Cash Prize

1 year record contract

3 Mix and Mastered Songs Of Your Choice

(if you don't have an original and would like to write one we can help you)

Professionally Produced Music Video

More being added as the weeks come!


1 Mix and Mastered Song Of Your Choice


More being added as the weeks come!


2 Mixed and Mastered Songs Of Your Choice

More being added as the weeks come!

If Sing Your Dream does not have enough auditions come through, the competition will not move forward and no prizes will be awarded.


This competition wouldn't be possible without our sponsors!

Encore Studios.jpg

More being added as the weeks come!


If you think you can Sing Your Dream fill in the form below.

Please make sure to have your virtual audition video ready to upload prior to submitting the form below. Anyone that submits the form without a video will not be considered for the competition.


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