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There are plenty of benefits to renting The Keystone Stage for your event. Some of the things that we offer when using our facility are

  • Use of space

    • When booking at The Keystone Stage you will get to use the entirety of the building for your event.

  • Sound System

    • We have a state of the art sound system that consists of

      • 2 Front Peavey Monitors

      • 1 Drum Mackie Monitor

      • 1 Behringer Amplifier

      • 2 Mackie Mains (Thump 15A)

      • 4 Mackie Subs

      • Full Backline

        • Bass 1/2 stack, 2 guitar 1/2 stacks, 7 piece drum kit​

  • Lighting​

  • On sight Keystone Stage Point of Contact​

  • Visuals

  • Security

  • RAMP Certified Bartender

  • Presale ticking link on our website​

  • Livestream Capabilities

  • Advertising Help

    • When renting our venue for an event us not only does your event get put onto our website and Facebook page, but we also advertise your event on all of our local events calendars. We also add your event to our monthly email that is sent out to all of our subscribers and the Monday before your event it will go out on our weekly email that lets everyone know what is coming up that weekend.​ Your event is also displayed in our window on our digital display, and on our upcoming events commercial during our Open Mic Live Stream every Monday night until your event has occurred.

We are also available for private parties. If you want to book a birthday party, conference, retirement party, or anything that you want closed off to the public we can set you up for a party like you have never seen before. 


We have several different price packages depending on what you are renting the venue for.


If you would like to rent out our venue for a show or private party please contact us for pricing options by emailing us at

band booking

We work with Diavolo Booking for all of our shows that bands would like to be booked on. If you are a band that would like to be booked on one of our shows please reach out to Ray Meoni at Diavolo Booking at


We work with Rose Amp Records for all of our hip hop shows that artists would like to be booked on. If you are a hip hop artist or rapper that would like to be booked on one of our shows please reach out to Dezypher at Rose Amp Records at

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