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Check out the below list of questions and answers that are most often asked of us.


1. Where are you located?

We are located at 125 Lackawanna Ave Olyphant, PA 18447. Our building has a marquee on the front that has a vinyl sign with our name on it. We are located across the street from The National Bank of Olyphant, just about at the intersection of Lackawanna Ave and Willow St.

If you are using a GPS you can put in The Keystone Stage Olyphant, PA and our location will come up and you will be taken right to us.

2. Do you have a dress code?

We do not have a dress code, but we do ask that you definitely come dressed. Shirt, pants, and shoes must be worn at all times when on the premises.

3. Is there parking?

At our location we have a couple of parking options.

  1. Street parking. There are meters along the street but they are not checked by the town at this time.

    1. This can change at any time but currently the meters are not being checked.

  2. Town parking lot. Up the street from our building next to the Family Dollar there is a parking lot that is for public use. There is a sign that reads Queen City Parking. During the day there is a charge to use the parking lot, but after 6pm there is no charge.

  3. Bank parking lot. Across the street from us there is a bank. We have been very lucky so far that after bank hours they have been allowing our customers to use the parking lot. We ask that if you use this parking lot you refrain from littering or causing any problems as this will make it where we will not be able to use the parking lot and you as our customer will have to find a parking spot that could be further away.

We ask that everyone keeps from parking in the alley behind our building. This is for the residents that live back there and if we work with them and keep them happy, they let us keep having our events without any issues.


1. Is there a screening process to get in the building?

Everyone that comes into the building is hand wanded upon entering the building and all bags are checked for weapons.

2. I have my permit to carry. Can I carry in the building?

We are a weapon free building. Any one that is found with a weapon on them can either bring the weapon back to their car or surrender their weapon to The Keystone Stage. Surrendered weapons are not returned at the end of the night.

3. What can I not bring with me into the building?

The below is a list of items that are not permitted in the building.


Weapons of any kind including mace/pepper spray (guns, knives, sticks, tazers, etc)


Selfie Sticks

Professional camera equipment and flash photography (please see media policy for information on bringing professional camera gear into the building)

Outside non-alcoholic beverages

Animals (Service animals are welcome, no pets)


1. Where can I buy tickets to your events?

We have several ticket purchasing options. Tickets can be purchased through our website, at the door on the day of the show, and depending on the producer of the show tickets can sometimes be purchased through another site that is not The Keystone Stage.

All ticketing information and how you can get your tickets are listed on each event on our website’s shows and event page.

2. I bought a ticket but cannot make it. Can I get a refund or exchange my ticket for a different show?

No. Tickets to our shows are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3. I want to come to an all ages show with my child. Does my child need a ticket?

Everyone coming to our events needs to purchase a ticket. Some events that we hold that are family friendly like our magic shows will have discounted tickets for younger children. Please see the event details for more information on if your child is eligible for a discount.

4. Why are some of your tickets one price and others another?

This is a two part answer.

Answer one - Some of the shows that are listed on our site are not The Keystone Stage produced shows. Which means that we are not the ones that are putting the show on. We are providing the space for another group to have their show. They have this show open to the public and they set their prices. The Keystone Stage has no control over these prices.

Answer two - When we produce our shows there are a lot of moving parts that have to be taken into consideration when we set our ticket prices. The performers need to be paid, equipment needs to be upkept to make sure that it is in top running condition for all to use, utilities are run throughout the show that need to be accounted for, and the staff needs to be taken care of so we can continue to run these events. Unlike other venues that serve alcohol, we do not. So we cannot fall back on alcohol sales to cover these costs. Unfortunately this means that we need to have our ticket sales a little higher than just a $5 cover that you would find going to a bar to listen to a band for the night.


1. What is your BYOB Policy?

When you come into The Keystone Stage a member of the staff will be stationed at the door to check your ID and as long as you are over 21 they will check in your alcohol. At that time you will be assigned a number that will be put onto your wristband. That number will also be put onto your alcohol. The staff will take your drinks to the counter where they will be kept cold for you whenever you need a drink. All you have to do is come up and show the Keystone Bartender your number and they will get you one of your drinks. You are only allowed to have one drink at a time while in the building. This means that anyone that is drinking off your number needs to come up to get their drink. You cannot come up to grab two drinks at once.

At the end of the night if you have any alcohol left over we will put it into a bag for you to bring home with you.

2. Do you sell mixers for any liquor that we bring in?

The Keystone Stage provides mixers, ice, and cups for anyone that brings in alcohol free of charge. We have a variety of sodas and juices that are free of charge to mix with, and energy drinks that can be mixed with for a fee.

3. Can I mix my own drinks?

We do not allow anyone to mix their own drinks.

4. Why do you not get your own liquor license?

Having a liquor license majorly constricts the types of events that we are able to have at The Keystone Stage. While we love the idea of having one, we would no longer be able to have family friendly events, teen dance nights, or anything else that would make it where anyone under the age of 21 would be able to attend. We love our community and love the fact that we are a venue that gives everyone the ability to come in and have a place to enjoy different shows and have a place to express themselves through the arts.

5. Can I bring in outside food or drinks?

Because we do not sell anything more than snacks you can bring in food with you but we ask that no outside drinks other than alcohol be brought in. We do sell a variety of sodas, energy drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and water.

6. What do you do if someone gets too drunk?

Because we want everyone to enjoy themselves, if someone gets too intoxicated just like in a bar they will no longer be served anymore alcohol. But unlike in a bar, as long as the person is not being unruly or becoming a danger to anyone in the building, their wristband will be cut and they will be given a no-alcohol wristband, we will give them water, a snack, and help them sober up so they can enjoy the rest of the show.

If someone gets intoxicated to the point that they become a danger to those that are in the building or are vomiting we will assist them in getting a cab, finding a friend that can give them a ride, or making sure they are safe getting home. But someone that is a danger to the other patrons cannot be allowed to stay.

Our bartenders are trained to watch for signs of intoxication and when someone should be cut off, however we know that as careful as anyone can be all it takes is one extra drink to go from being OK to being intoxicated. And our staff is trained to handle these situations.


1. What kind of events can be booked at The Keystone Stage?

We book events of all kinds. Open to public music events such as concerts and CD release parties; private parties like birthday parties, retirement parties, baby showers, or office parties; seminars, classes, and so much more. Anything you want to put together we can make happen here at The Keystone Stage.

2. Do you have a kitchen to cook food?

We do not have the ability to cook food on site. We have multiple places that we can point you to that offer wonderful catering options that will work with you for a decent price.

3. What can I bring if I book a private party?

Private parties work much differently than open events when it comes to what you can and cannot bring in. Please contact us for more information about booking a private party.

4. What is included when I book an event at The Keystone Stage?

Every event is different. Depending on what type of event you are booking is what we provide for you. Please contact us for more information on what we can provide for your event.

5. How do I book an event at The Keystone Stage?

To book an event please contact us by emailing us at or by calling our Event Coordinator Sam at (570) 281-8681

6. I am in a band that wants to play at The Keystone Stage. How do I get my band on to one of your shows?

For bands that are looking to get booked onto our shows we work closely with Diavolo Booking who puts together our Keystone Presents shows. Bands that want to book on a Keystone Presents show are asked to email Diavolo Booking at When sending the email to book on one of our shows please send the following information:

  • Band information – Basic information for your band. Band name, contact person for the band, best way to contact you.

  • Bio – Tell a bit about the band. What kind of music do you play, how long have you been playing, or anything else that you think we might need to know about you

  • Recording – Send a recording of your band so we can take a listen to what you have to offer. This will give us a feel for the type of music you play and will help us get you onto a show with other bands that work well with your band.

  • Other Information – Send over anything else that you might think would be helpful for us.

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